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cDNA Libraries

Vestibular cDNA Libraries
Vestibular periphery cDNA libraries have been constructed from humans and rats. Details regarding the initial characterization of these libraries can be found in Abe et al. 2003 and Roche et al. 2005.

Abe et al. Construction and characterization of a vestibular-specific cDNA library using T7-based RNA amplification. J Hum Genet 2003;48(3):142-149.

Roche et al. In silico analysis of 2,085 clones from a normalized rat vestibular periphery 3' cDNA library. Audiol Neurootol 2005; 10: 310--322

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Vestibular cDNA Libraries
Human Vestibular Periphery cDNA Library
Wackym-Soares Normalized Rat Vestibular Periphery cDNA Library
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